1992 Turbo S Leichtbau Specifications

For the base price of 295,000 DM, or approximately $189,000 USD, the M720 option featured a litany of power, weight saving and aesthetic upgrades over the standard 3.3 Turbo. In fact the list of changes is so extensive that it consumes 3 pages of the Porsche Technical Bulletin. From the modified engine to the deleted parts to the lightweight body kit to the upgraded mechanicals, the car is so different from the standard 3.3 turbo as to in some ways be a closer comparison to the Carrera RS and Cup cars (engine induction method aside).




The cars were available with all interior trim and exterior colors. Beginning with the exterior and chassis, the body shell featured Carrera RS like reinforcements, a carbon fiber reinforced plastic luggage compartment lid and rear spoiler, special thin glass, aluminum doors, front air inlets for oil cooler and brake ventilation (instead of fog lights), rear quarter panel vents for engine cooling. Omitted were insulation on side and back panels in rear, PVC underseal, rear wiper, power mirrors and windows, central locking system and alarm, normal windshield and headlight wiper system, the oil cooler fan (except with A/C option) and most interior lighting. Gas tanks were 77 ltr for LHD and 92 ltr for RHD. All factory and special order colors were available and no less than 42 cars were painted in non-standard model year colors.



The cars were available with all interior trim and exterior colors.The interiors minimized electronics and creature comforts starting with manually operated leather bucket seats with different colored center strips and shells painted to match the body color. Steering wheels were F-AT II style (excluding airbag option – airbag optional for passenger side) and all controls, the door trim panels and manual pulls were leather covered. Cars with no airbags featured a knee bar and with airbags a standard lower dash. Omitted were all interior assemblies behind the front seats.



The drive train was the G50/52 5 speed gearbox with a special single mass flywheel and clutch operation similar to the Carrera RS. All M720 optioned cars also had option M220 which is an “asymmetrical” limited slip differential with 40% (standard turbo 20%) locking factor when the rear wheels are driven and up to 100% on overrun under extreme engine braking (designed to limit lift off oversteer). Other changes included manual rack and pinion steering standared for LHD (power steering option was available for LHD but no cars were ordered – all RHD were built with power steering standard with no manual steering option offered), stiffer Carrera RS engine mounts and control arm bushings, and a light alloy front strut brace mounted on Carrera RS uniball joints.



The suspension was special to the Turbo S, a sports suspension built by Bilstein with adjustable springs, lowered by 40mm from the standard height. The ABS brakes were a combination of standard turbo, 928 and some parts special to the M720 optioned cars. Red calipers were 322mm front and 299mm rear. Wheels were 18″ “Speedline for Porsche” (with lettering) and came standard with polished form centers. The 1992 Turbo S Leichtbau was the first production Porsche to feature 18″ wheels as standard. They wore Dunlop Sport 8000 235/40 and 265/35 ZR rated tires.